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Among thousands of Starter Relay Suppliers & Manufacturers. Why T&X®?
All the starter solenoids are tested for voltage drop before leaving T&X factories to ensure that it isn’t more than the standard value to avoid starter failures.

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Solenoid relays from T&X manufacturer are made strictly under ISO 16949 & 9001 quality control system.
Projects & Residentials Completed in 2019
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Copper Solenoid Contact Bolts

Solid and pure copper Contacts Studs, better electrical conductivity and anti rusting.

Optional Tungsten/silver Contacts

To optimum electrical contact for heavy-duty application, we offer economic Tungsten Contacts

OE Standard Copper Coil

T&X® Starter Relay Coils are wound by machine and to OE standard for enhanced efficiency.

Drivers around the world trust T&X® starter relay for their automobiles because of their reliability, durability, and toughness.

At the time of leaving the factory, every starter relay from T&X has undergone a series of tests for conductivity and overall performance to ensure it conforms to set standards. It ensures customers get quality and perfect starter relays for their automobiles.

Powerfull Product Strategy

The heavy contacts inside T&X® starter relay solenoid are tungsten/silver-made so that they can withstand electrical wear caused by repeated contact. It makes the starter relay last for long without becoming damaged.

Quality Control System

When it comes to the ability to withstand a broad range of temperatures, T&X® starter switch relays can operate within the ranges from -30°C to 180°C without failing. It means they can work under any heat or cold environment.

Bigger, Better, Faster And Stronger Projects.
T&X® starter relays are globally accepted products which prove their quality and applicability.
Projects & Residentials Completed in 2020

The coils of T&X® relays for starter are entirely wound by machine and to OEM standard for enhanced efficiency.

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To protect the from corrosion and wear, the base plates and housing of T&X® Starter Relay Switch are made from robust glass fiber polyamide material.

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The contact studs are made from solid and pure copper. It improves the electrical conductivity for efficient transmission of current from the battery to the starter solenoid during ignition.

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For protection from damage caused by high water splashes, the housing to the base plates of T&X® starter relays has drip edges for easy draining.

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T&X® relay starter are long lasting, being made from tough corrosion-resistant materials. A highly efficient design allows for improved operation They’re easy-to-install starter relays with the necessary accessories accompanying them. 

4 Symptoms of A Bad Starter Relay

Starter relays rarely become faulty, but when they do, it can mean a lot of trouble because your car will not start. A bad starter relay will show 4 common symptoms…

3 Differences Between Starter Solenoid Switch & Starter Relay

Many people think a starter solenoid switch and a starter relay to be the same, which is not true. (Even wiki claim they are the same thing in the different name.)
They are way different in terms of their construction, working, and functions…

How To Test a Starter Relay

Have a helper turn on the ignition switch while you listen to the noise the starter relay makes. If turn on the ignition switch, there’s a single or a series of weak clicks, you will have to test it for electrical resistance. If the sound is a single strong click, you should check the starter relay for voltage drop…

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