Nikko Starter Solenoid


he Nikko starter solenoid is also readily available at T&X.

With the 132 turns machine-would-copper coil to meet the OEM standards and a cadmium-plated movable contact to prevent them from sticking, our Nikko Starter solenoids are no doubt one of the best in the market.

The copper coils have been insulated with the high temperate coil that is designed to minimize the possibility of internal electrical shorting.

To minimize the possibility of surface resistance, our Nikko series starter solenoids have solid copper contact bolts. Individual pieces of the starter solenoid are also tested for pull/hold strength for long lasting performance.

24v starter solenoid fst-ni16-1
Nikko Cross Reference

Nikko Starter Solenid Cross Reference

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T&X No.Nikko No.Cross Reference No.Vehicle Application
FST-NI01 (24V)0 -47100-3510 23343-99207WAI NO.:66-8413 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-166 CARGO NO.: 133395 Nikko 5.5kW OSGR Starters; Komatsu Equipment w/ 4D95, 4D105, 6D95, 6D105, 6D110 Engines, MITSUI DEUTS DIESEL: Compressor NISSAN: Diesel
FST-NI02 (24V)0-47100-3110 5-81151036-0 23343-99211WAI NO.:66-8402 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-158 CARGO NO.: 132498 SNLS NO.:765Nikko 4.5kW OSGR Starters ISUZU: Forward,Bus,Microbus,Industrial machine Kobelco America
FST-NI03 (24V)0-47100-2670 0-47100-3040 1-81151008-1 1-81151026-1NEW-EYA NO.:SS-146 CARGO NO.: 134630 SNLS NO.:741ISUZU: Truck,Bus,DX Bus,Industrial Machine; KOMATSU: Bulldozer,Payloader.
FST-NI04 (24V)0-47100-2690 0-47100-3030 1-81151011-0 1-81151012-0WAI NO.:66-8400 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-148 CARGO NO.: 132495 SNLS NO.:761Nikko 3.7kW-7.5kW DD Starters; Isuzu: Truck,Forward,Bus, Microbus, Industrial Machine. Komatsu: Bulldozer, Crawlers w/ 4D105 Engines TCM MITSUBISHI: Bus,Bulldozer.
FST-NI05 (24V)0-47100-4140 0-47100-3420 1-81151091-0WAI NO.:66-8409 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-171 CARGO NO.: 132499 Nikko 5.5kW, 7.5kW OSGR Starters; Komatsu Equipment w/ 6D105, 6D110, 6D125 Engines; ISUZU: Truck Tractor,
FST-NI06 ( 12 V)0-47100-4070 0-471004071WAI NO.:66-8410 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-165 CARGO NO.: 134974 SNLS NO.:770Nikko 2.2kW OSGR Starters, Komatsu Lift Trucks w/ 4D95 Engine
FST-NI07 (24V)0-47100-3901 0-47100-4060WAI NO.:66-8411 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-164 CARGO NO.: 132500 SNLS NO.:769Nikko 2.8kW OSGR Starters; Komatsu: Wheel Loader, Forklift, Power shovel
FST-NI08 (24V)0-47100-3180 5-81151038-0WAI NO.:66-8412 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-161 CARGO NO.: 133482 SNLS NO.:768Nikko 3.5kW DD Starters; Hitachi Construction Isuzu: ELF 350,250,Microbus
FST-NI11 ( 12 V)10456454WAI NO.:66-8405 ZM NO.:806 NEW-EYA NO.:SS- 190 CARGO NO.: 137811 SNLS NO.: 646Delco 28MT Series OSGR Starters Chevrolet: Blazer, G series,Suburban GMC: G series, P series JOHN DEERE
FST-NI12 ( 24 V)10457115WAI NO.:66-8407 ZM NO.:812 CARGO NO.: 231251 SNLS NO.: 649Delco 28MT Series OSGR Starters; John Deere Lister-Petter Perkins
FST-NI16 ( 24 V)0-47100-3070 1-81151037-0NEW-EYA NO.:SS-1 59 ISUZU: Truck,Bus,Tour Bus Industrial Machine.
FST-N15 (12V)2 8150-11080-1WAI NO.:66-8224 Nippondenso PLGR Starters; Toyota
FST-N16 (12V)28150-16160 153400-1520WAI NO.:66-8221 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-1686 CARGO NO.: 136886 Nippondenso PLGR Starters; Toyota: Carina,Caldina,Corolla, Corona,Sprinter,Carib, Corsa.
FST-N17 (12V)2 81501510 ND1675WAI NO.:66-8225 Nippondenso PLGR Starters; Pontiac Toyota
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