Mitsubishi Starter Solenoid

T&X Mitsubishi Starter Motor Solenoid

If you are planning on sourcing Mitsubishi starter solenoid do not look elsewhere because at T&X has you covered.

We understand the need for quality, that’s why our Mitsubishi starter solenoids are tested for endurance on starters. This ensures that the solenoids are consistent with their performance in the real world.

Why Choose T&X Mitsubishi Starter Solenoid

The Mitsubishi starter solenoid from T&X is also efficient in electrical operations and has strong magnetic plunger operation; thanks to the 100% machine wound coils that have been manufactured to meet the OEM standards.

Additionally, the T&X Mitsubishi Starter solenoid is easy to install and is bound to give you excellent service for a long time.

Mitsubishi Starter Solenid Cross Reference

T&X No. Mitsubishi No. Cross Reference No. Vehicle Application
FST-M03 (24V) M371X20571 SB205 WAI NO.:66-8318 ZM NO.:4-898 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-1541 CARGO NO.: 138418 SNLS NO.: 755 MITSUBISHI: Bus, Empilhadeira,Fuso, Fuso Canter,Forklift,Truck,Large Truck,Industrial Machine; Nissan Lift Truck
FST-M04 (24V) B3671 M371CB3671 ZM NO.:1-897 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-1550 CATERPILLAR: Escavadeira 320,Excavator 320
FST-M05 (12V) M371X68771 SB687 23343-57M70 WAI NO.:66-8328 CARGO NO.: 133039 SNLS NO.: 609 Mitsubishi PMGR Starters; Nissan
FST-M06 (12V) M371X11272 23343-J2000 E8100 2112S 0559-24-736 WAI NO.:66-8353 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-1504 MITSUBISHI: Rosa,Canter; NISSAN: Clipper Diesel, Caball,Microbus; MAZDA: Titan, Parkway,Caplla Rotary(COLD)M122,S122.
FST-M07 (24V) M 371X45171 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-1509 MITSUBISHI: Canter FE111,T2000CT,210C,220,FE100;Light Bus Rosa BH212.
FST-M08 (24V) M372X10371 M372X10372PS ME700119 ME700316 ZM NO.:896 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-1522 CARGO NO.: 132591 SNLS NO.: 752 MITSUBISHI: Forklift trucks,Canter FE111,T200,T220 FB100,FE100,FB120,FE101,FE111,K-FE100.
FST-M09 (24V) M371X20171 ME700307 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-1540 SNLS NO.: 753 MITSUBISHI: Fuso Middle Bus;Fuso Middle Truck.
FST-M10 (12V) M371X64771 M375X00271 23343-84A17 WAI NO.:66-8349 ZM NO.:792 CARGO NO.: 138012 NISSAN: 100 NX, ALMERA, ALMERA TINO, PRAIRIE PRO, PRIMERA, SUNNY
FST-M11 (12V) M371X76275 M371X76371 SB691 SB784P 23343-30R13 WAI NO.:66-8346 ZM NO.:793 CARGO NO.: 138011 SNLS NO.: 6108 NISSAN: 100 NX, PRIMERA, SUNNY
FST-M12 (12V) M371X64971 SB642 SB642M SB644 SB649 WAI NO.:66-8327 ZM NO.:5-698 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-1530 CARGO NO.: 133049 SNLS NO.: 610B HYUNDAI: GALLOPER, SONATA; MAZDA: RX 7,LUCE 2000 MPV3000 WAGON,LANTIS 2000,PRESSO 1800,EUNOS 500 2000 1800. MITSUBISHI: 3000 GT, GALANT, PAJERO SPORT; NISSAN: VANETTE LARGO 1500 VAN,VANETTE TRUCK 1200 1500,SUNNY 1200 TRUCK,VANETTE 1200 1500 VAN.
FST-M13 (12V) SB783 M371X78271 M371X78371 M371X92575 23343-60U10 WAI NO.:66-8347 ZM NO.:1-794 CARGO NO.: 137930 SNLS NO.: 609C FORD: Maverick; NISSAN: D21,Infiniti,King Cap, Pickup,Terrano .
FST-M14 (12V) 79873 M372X79873 WAI NO.:66-8364 ZM NO.:992 CARGO NO.: 231820 SNLS NO.: 609H CHRYSLER: Cirrus,Sebring,TC; C H RYSLER-DODGE: Stratus;
FST-M15 (12V) 78773 M371X78773 WAI NO.:66-8365 ZM NO.:991 CARGO NO.: 231982 SNLS NO.: 610M CHRYSLER: Concorde, Intrepid,LHS,New Yorker; CHRYSLER-DODGE: Intrepid; CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH: Prowler; EAGLE: Vision.
FST-M16 (12V) WAI NO.:66-8375 Dodge Jeep Chrysler Mitsubishi
FST-M17 (12V) M371X92475 23343-1E410 23343-4E100 WAI NO.:66-8368 SNLS NO.: 609F CARGO NO.:233031 Nissan Mitsubishi
FST-M18 (12V) 8933002708 8983503655 M371X62571 SB625 WAI NO.:66-8350 ZM NO.:695 CARGO NO.: 137813 SNLS NO.: 608 CHEVROLET: KALOS, LACETTI, NUBIRA DAEWOO: ESPERO, KALOS, LACETTI, LANOS, NEXIA, NUBIRA, REZZO JEEP: CHEROKEE, GRAND CHEROKEE AMC Eagle Cherokee Comanche Grand Wagoneer Wrangler
FST-M19 (12V) SB665 WAI NO.:66-8344 ZM NO.:795 CARGO NO.: 231978 CHRYSLER-DODGE: Monaco; EAGLE: Medallion,Premier.
FST-M20 (12V) M371X94071 94071 WAI NO.:66-8366 ZM NO.:1-695 SNLS NO.: 609I JEEP: CHEROKEE, GRAND CHEROKEE, WRANGLER; CHRYSLER-DODGE: Dodge Dakota;
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