T&X Lucas Starter Motor Solenoid

If you are looking for high performing, long lasting, and reliable Lucas solenoid starter, then T&X have you covered.

All the Lucas starter solenoid parts have been disassembled for computer pull/hold testing on individual parts. This ensures that once assembled, and the starter is not only strong but also the performance has been verified. They have also been tested for endurance to ensure the Luca solenoid starter can execute well in real life applications.

When it comes to installation, T&X has made the process easy and fast by providing the necessary hardware. The bolts are made of solid copper for optimum electrical contact while also minimizing the possibility of surface resistant

Why Choose T&X Lucas Starter Solenoid

On the other hand, solenoid caps are high temperate for excellent dimensional stability and resistance to warping and cracking.

Contact us today for more details and to purchase your lucas parts, and be sure of reliable, quality and durable starter solenoid.

Lucas Starter Solenid Cross Reference

T&X No. Nikko No. Cross Reference No. Vehicle Application
FST-L06 (12V) 60933124 76458 76474 76490 76498 76538 76712 76727 76794 76808 TOB100 TOB151 TOB153 WAI NO.:66-9203 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-705 CARGO NO.: 131252 Lucas M45G Series DD Starters Allis-Chalmers Land Rover Massey Ferguson Perkins
FST-L07 (12V) 2 110-3708805
FST-L08 (12V) 2701E-11390-A 2701E-11390-B D4NN-11390-B D7NN-11390-B 76740 76753 76756 76781 76825 76833 76834 76835 76836 76854 76862 77025 77032 77052 77109 TOB108 TOB110 TOB111 TOB133 WAI NO.:66-9207 ZM NO.:610 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-707 CARGO NO.: 131248 SNLS NO.: 334 Lucas M50 series DD starters Case tractors Clark Equipment Ford tractor International Leyland Lincoln Eletric Lucas M50 starter Massey Ferguson Sperry New Holland and Yale Forklift.
FST-L09 (12V) 60933111 76923 77121 77121A 77131 77141 77143 TPB104 TPB111 TPB116 TPB118 TPB119 WAI NO.:66-9211 ZM NO.:613 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-728 CARGO NO.: 133531 SNLS NO.: 351 Lucas M127 Series DD Starters; Allis-Chalmers JCB Massey Ferguson TRACTORS CASE TRACTORS FORD TRACTORS NEW HOLLAND TRACTOR
FST-L10 (12V) 76755 76759 76763 76786 76796 76800 76803 76804 76815 76820 76821 76823 76824 76826 76827 76837 76850 76852 76855 76871 76885 76891 76892 76894 76895 76897 76899 76902 76908 76940 76961 76982 77034 77035 77058 77157 77160 78871 TOB109 TOB113 TOB121 TOB134 TOB162 WAI NO.:66-9204 ZM NO.:612 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-754 CARGO NO.: 130855 SNLS NO.: 342 Lucas M418G, M127 series DD starters. IHC ListerPetter Massey Ferguson LAND ROVER: DEFENDER Triumph International
FST-L11 (12V) TOB119 76796 76755 76803 76891 76892 76899 76902 76908 76940 76983 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-758 LUCAS TYPE: David brown 1200, International harvester,276,434
FST-L12 (12V) NEW-EYA NO.:SS-708
FST-L13 (12V) S RB325 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-709 LUCASTYPE: Austin,minis,Allegro,Maxi Landrover, MG Midget MKⅢ Bedford CA,CF,JO.TK,TJ PARK
FST-L15 (12V) 60933083 76901 76926 76997 77040 77089 TOB123 TOB125 TOB183 WAI NO.:66-9208 ZM NO.:611 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-706 CARGO NO.: 131247 SNLS NO.: 357 Lucas M50 Series DD Starters, BEDFORD Internationa l
FST-L19 (12V) WAI NO.:66-9206 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-717 Lucas M100 Series DD Starters Jaguar MG Rover Triumph
FST-L20 (12V) WAI NO.:66-9218
FST-L23 (12V) 60.37088 60.3708800 4211-3708800 ZM NO.:6-619 LADA: GAZ,UAZ
FST-L24 (12V) 57.37088 2110-378805 ZM NO.:5-619 DAEWOO: Nexia LADA: VAZ
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