Hitachi Starter Solenoid

T&X Hitachi Starter Motor Solenoid

Hitachi starter solenoids are also another brand series that is readily available at the T&X. Designed to the highest OE standards, the Hitachi starter solenoids coils are machine copper wound, with 132 turns to give you high magnetic plunger operation and efficient electrical operation.

The T&X Hitachi starter motor solenoids undergo a rigorous endurance test to ascertain quality performance. The pull/hold strength has also been computer tested to verify the solenoids’ abilities.

This further assures you of reliable, durable yet efficient starter solenoid that is bound to meet all your requirements.

Why Choose T&X Hitachi Starter Solenoid

Installing the Hitachi starter solenoids from T&X is also an easy and smooth affair thanks to the provision of all the necessary hardware upon purchasing.

Get your Hitachi starter solenoids today from T&X and be sure of high quality, durable and high performance starter solenoid.

Additionally, the Bosch starter solenoid replacement is now easier. When you purchase from T&X, you get all the necessary hardware making the installation process quick and easy.

Visit T&X today for quality, durable and reliable Bosch starter solenoid.

Hitachi Starter Solenid Cross Reference

T&X No. Nikko No. Cross Reference No. Vehicle Application
FST-H02 (24V) 2210M-6700 23343-99109 1-81151032-0 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-2520 CARGO NO.: 139958 SNLS NO.: 711 ISUZU: New Power V10, NISSAN(DIESEL): Truck Diesel,Tractor Diesel,Bus Diesel,Cabover Truck ,Crane Diesel.
FST-H03 (12V) 2114-57504 2114-87004 2114-97004 2114-97503 2114-57001 2114-87004 23343-N3300 23343-N3301 WAI NO.:66-8105 ZM NO.:784 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-1212 CARGO NO.: 131800 SNLS NO.: 613 Hitachi DD, OSGR Starters NISSAN: BLUEBIRD, DATSUN 160 J, LAUREL, PATROL, SILVIA, URVAN; MASSEY FERGUSSON:Tractor;RENAULT:R12/R15/R17. Ishikawajima Onan Toyosha Yanmar (Diesel)
FST-H04 (12V) 2114-17005 2114-17505 2114-37602 2114-47005 2114-37504 23343-04E00 23343-M4900 23343V5301 WAI NO.:66-8100 ZM NO.:682 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-1213 CARGO NO.: 132093 MASSEY FERGUSSON: Tractor NISSAN: 200/210/280/310. Ishikawajima Toyosha
FST-H0 5 ( 24 V) 2250-37008 8-97161789-0 NEW-EYA NO.:SS- 2529 ISUZU: ELF P-NKR58
FST-H06 ( 24 V) 2 210-17002 23343-991100 23343-99204 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-2519 NISSAN(DIESEL): Truck ,Bus Duiesel, Heavy Duty Truck,Dump Truck,Bus
FST-H07 ( 24 V) 2240-5700 8-94152-981-0 ZM NO.:981 NEW-EYA NO.:SS- 2524 CARGO NO.: 136141 ISUZU: N-Serie
FST-H11 ( 12 V) 2114-17006 31204-634-671 23343-C0600 WAI NO.:66-81 11 ZM NO.: 683 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-1 302 CARGO NO.: 13 2058 SNLS NO.: 61 4B ISUZU: CAMPO, MIDI, TROOPER NISSAN: BLUEBIRD, DATSUN 140 J, DATSUN 160 J; Opel Komatsu TCM
FST-H12 ( 12 V) 2120-97001 2130-17002 2130-27001 2130-47012 2130-6700 5-81151-015-0 5-81151-029-0 5-81151015-0 8-11530-018-0 23343-61504 23343-G7001 23343-T3470 121254-77671 X-21306700 WAI NO.:66-8107 ZM NO.: 686 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-1 217 CARGO NO.: 132059 SNLS NO.: 61 7 BUICK: Electra,Regal; CADILLAC: Deville, GM-CHEVROLET: El Camino,Caprice; GM-OLDSMOBILE: Custom Cruiser, Cutlass; GM-PONTIAC: Bonneville,Grand Prix; GMC :Caballero; Nissan; John Deere, Kubota, Massey Ferguson, Melroe, Toyosha, Yanmar
FST-H13 ( 12 V) 2250-47002 2250-87004 2250-17002 5-81151103-0 5-88151058-1 23343J5520 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-2517 ISUZU: ELF 150/250, NIDSAN(DIESEL) :Caball,Clipper ,Civilian
FST-H14 ( 12 V) 2130-97004 23343-10G10 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-1228 NISSAN(DATSUN): Datsun truck
FST-H15 ( 12 V) 23343-M8000 23343-M8001 23343-M8003 23343-V5201 2114-27501 2114-37503 2114-67505 2114-87504 2114-67505 WAI NO.:66-8109 ZM NO.:710 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-1 21 9 CARGO NO.: 132094 SNLS NO.: 621 Hitachi DD, OSGR Starters Nissan: 200,310 ,Cherry,Sunny Bobcat Yanmar :Various Models KIA: PRIDE MAZDA: 121
FST-H16 (24V) 2270-37001 23343-C8601 WAI NO.:66-8129 ZM NO.:982 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-2525 CARGO NO.: 134812 SNLS NO.: 718A NISSAN: PATROL,Safarivan,safariturbo
FST-H17 (12V) 2120-57002 23343-37506 23343-G7002 ZM NO.:583 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-1218 CARGO NO.: 131431 NISSAN: PICK UP ,URVAN , Cabstar ,Lift Trucks, King Cab; AUDI: 80,90
FST-H18 (12V) 2114-87508 23343-17C00 23343-G8400 WAI NO.:66-8123 ZM NO.:713 CARGO NO.: 133046 SNLS NO.: 625 Hitachi DD, PMGR Starters; NISSAN: PICK UP, TERRANO, URVAN, VANETTE
FST-H19 (12V) 2114-47612 23343-31000 23343-70Y00 23343-31U00 WAI NO.:66-8156 ZM NO.:719 CARGO NO.: 135287 SNLS NO.: 615J Hitachi PMGRS tarters; Infiniti Nissan: MAXIMA, MAXIMA QX;
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