Solenoide de arranque

Whether your car is a diesel or petrol application, T&X has you covered. Our automotive starter solenoids have stood the test of time and remain reliable and high performing thanks to the stringent standards that we set when manufacturing.


Solenoide de arranque universal

Regardless of the motor vehicle application, our universal starter solenoids have been designed with multiple connections that enable it to perfectly fit well, and meet all your requirements.


Solenoide de arranque del tractor

T&X tractor starter solenoids have their pull and hold tested for tenacity to enable you to perform the hardest tasks with your tractor with surety that they will not fail you.


Solenoide de arranque para motocicletas

T&X motorcycle starter solenoid makes it possible for you to continue enjoying your cycling experience. By providing you with starter solenoids that are not only durable but also high performance, you can be sure that your cycling adventures will never be the same again.


Solenoide de arranque de alta resistencia

At T&X, we provide you with heavy duty starter motor solenoid that are suitable for all applications. Our heavy duty starter solenoids are disassembled and every part computer tested for pull/hold strength.


Solenoide de arranque

As a trusted dealer in starter solenoids, T&X seeks to remain above board in all our productions. It is for this reason that our aircraft starter solenoids are manufactured under stringent conditions to ensure that they retain their excellent performance.


Solenoide de arranque marino

T&X is your trusted supplier for boat marine starter solenoids. With high standards of manufacturing, our marine starter solenoids are efficient and high performing even under the harsh conditions that they are exposed to when the applications are in the water.


12v Starter Solenoid

At T&X , the 12V starter solenoids are manufactured to give you the best in quality and durable service. The stringent tests that are performed to the starter solenoids ensure that they are in perfect condition before being released to the market.


24v Starter Solenoid

Having manufactured a wide range of starter solenoids, T&X is determined to meet the demands for all types and applications of starter solenoids. All T&X 24 volt starter solenoid are manufactured to meet your needs and perform in accordance to your expectations.




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