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T&X Denso Starter Motor Solenoid

when it comes to denso starter solenoids manufacturer, T&X is the best for you. We include the quality of the solenoid and whether it has met the OEM manufacturing standards.

At T&X, we endeavor to provide the best Denso starter solenoid by meeting or exceeding OE standard.

Additionally, the Denso starter motor solenoid parts are computer tested to ascertain their pull/hold strength.

Why Choose T&X Denso Starter Solenoid

The installation of the Denso starter solenoid has been made quick and easy by the availability of all the necessary hardware, while the designs are endurance tested to ensure that they are consistent on high-quality performance.

For the best denso series starter solenoids, get in touch with us for an experience like no other.

Denso Starter Solenid Cross Reference

T&X No. Nikko No. Cross Reference No. Vehicle Application
FST-N01 (12V) 053400-8750 28150-11710 28150-11711 28150-87208 28150-87512 23343-KA040 8-94455-179-0 31204-679-014 31220-51A-10 31220-52A-20 ZM NO.:708 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-1681 CARGO NO.: 138014 SNLS NO.: 280 DAIHATSU: Hi-Jet 850 PIAGGIO: PORTER SUZUKI: ST100-T5
FST-N02 (12V) 053400-3840 053400-3890 053400-3932 053400-6550 053400-7270 8-94151-210-0 49210-5602 49210-7002 89210-4122 31220-84010 28150-15010 28150-15012 28150-15013 WAI NO.:66-8205 ZM NO.:703 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-1660 CARGO NO.: 131807 SNLS NO.: 633 Nippondenso DD Starters; TOYOTA: COROLLA, LITEACE, STARLET, STARLET 1000; KUBOTA: Misc. Equipment; SUBARU: Coupe,Wagon,DL,GF; Chevrolet Daihatsu Ford Geo Suzuki John Deere Komatsu
FST-N03 (12V) 053400-7130 053400-7800 053400-8730 8002. 8-94361-908-0 28150-10020 28150-10021 28150-87509 28150-87510 ZM NO.:705 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-1680 CARGO NO.: 133809 SNLS NO.: 637 DAIHATSU: HIJET MAZDA: MX-5 PIAGGIO: PORTER TOYOTA: CARINA, CELICA, COROLLA AGRALE: Trator, GM-CHEVROLET: Spectrum, GM-ISUZU: I-Mark, JOHN DEERE: Misc. Lawn Equipment, KAWASAKI: UTV (Utility Terrain Vehicle), KUBOTA: Tractor
FST-N04 (12V) 053400-1040 053400-1260 053400-1530 053400-2880 053400-3330 053400-3350 053400-3710 053400-3810 28150-22011 28150-24061 28150-24070 28150-24071 28150-25010 28150-25013 28150-33020 28150-33021 28150-34070 28150-41011 28150-60040 28150-87203 WAI NO.:66-8230-1 ZM NO.:660 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-1608 CARGO NO.: 130814 SNLS NO.: 631 LEXUS: IS MAZDA: 616, 626, 929 SUBARU: LEONE, XT SUZUKI: ALTO TOYOTA: 1000, CARINA, CELICA, CRESSIDA, CROWN, HIACE, LITEACE, SUPRA
FST-N05 (12V) 053400-8510 31220-51A10 ZM NO.:707 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-1684 CARGO NO.: 135652 SUZUKI: Alto,Carry every, Fronte, Cerbo, Jimny,SB 308.
FST-N06 (12V) 0 53400-6090 31220-79620 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-1666 CARGO NO.: 138813 SUZUKI: Carry truck 1000
FST-N07 (12V) 053400-1150 053400-1151 053400-1740 053400-1870 053400-1880 053400-2120 053400-2250 053400-3000 053400-3010 053400-3370 053400-6090 28100-15140 28100-22020 28100-22021 28100-24060 28100-24080 28100-25031 28100-26150 28100-33020 28100-34010 28100-34070 D77Z-11002-A D77Z-11002-B D97Z-11002-A E17Z-11002-B E17Z-11002-C WAI NO.:66-8203 ZM NO.:661 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-1609 CARGO NO.: 231997 SNLS NO.: 630 SUBARU: LEONE, XT SUZUKI: ALTO TOYOTA: CELICA, CRESSIDA, HIACE Ford Tractor Kubota
FST-N08 (24V) 0 53400-1900 28150-56011 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-1709 CARGO NO.: 137033 SNLS NO.: 720 Daihatsu: Delta 3000,Diesel 2000; Toyota: Dyna,Land cruiser.
FST-N09 (12V) 2 8150-87205 28150-87505 28150-87506 053400-5120 053400-5150 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-1664 DAIHATSU: Cuore,Mira cuore ,Hi Jet; SUBARU: Domingo 4wd/2wd.
FST-N10 (12V) 28150-10021 28150-87208 0534007800 23343-KA040 31220-52A20 28150-11710 WAI NO.:66-8210 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-1682 CARGO NO.: 138014 SNLS NO.: 637 DAIHATSU: Cuore,Mira ,Leeza; SUBARU: Rex Combi; SUZUKI: Alto; TOYOTA: Forklift
FST-N11 (12V) 0 53400-3490 053400-3450 AR90074 WAI NO.:66-8202 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-2604 ZM NO.:880 CARGO NO.: 132641 SNLS NO.: 642 Nippondenso DD Starters; Allis-Chalmers Caterpillar Hino John Deere Onan
FST-N12 (12V) 2 8150-56021 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-1708 T OYOTA: Dyna BU3000
FST-N15 (12V) 2 8150-11080-1 WAI NO.:66-8224 Nippondenso PLGR Starters; Toyota
FST-N16 (12V) 28150-16160 153400-1520 WAI NO.:66-8221 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-1686 CARGO NO.: 136886 Nippondenso PLGR Starters; Toyota: Carina,Caldina,Corolla, Corona,Sprinter,Carib, Corsa.
FST-N17 (12V) 2 81501510 ND1675 WAI NO.:66-8225 Nippondenso PLGR Starters; Pontiac Toyota
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