Delco Starter Solenoid

T&X Delco Starter Motor Solenoid

Are you looking for a company that will supply you with Delco starter solenoid for your car or car parts business? T&X offer you the Delco starter solenoid.

T&X starter solenoids are designed to minimize the possibility of internal electrical shorting by the use of high-temperature coil insulation.

Why Choose T&X Delco Starter Solenoid

Our Delco series Starter solenoid is also tested on endurance before being released to the market. This gives you the confidence with the performance of the Delco starter solenoid.

If you have a diesel application, you no longer have to worry about contacts sticking as this has been rectified by having the contacts movable and cadmium plated.

From the above features, it is clear that T&X will give you the best of the Delco Remy starter solenoid for efficient, quality and long service.

Delco Starter Solenid Cross Reference

T&X No. Delco No. Mfg Cross Reference No. Vehicle Application
FST-D02 (12V) 10469039 1114578 1114582 1114584 D936A WAI NO.:66-125 ZM NO.:862 CARGO NO.:137339 SNLS NO.:171 BUICK:Regal DELCO REMY:PG100, PG150, PG200, PG250, SD210 CHEVROLET:Beretta, Camaro, Cavalier, Corsica, Lumina PONTIAC:Firebird,Grand, Grand Prix,Sunbird GMC:Sierra,Sonoma
FST-D03 (12V) 10469039 1114578 1114582 D922A D936A WAI NO.:66-121 ZM NO.:861 CARGO NO.:132944 SNLS NO.:170 BUICK :Century,Regal,Skilark; CHEVROLET :Beretta,Cavalier,Corsica; ISUZU :Hombre,Rhodeo, P'UP Pick-up
FST-D04 (12V) 10467421 10468962 WAI NO.:66-131 SNLS NO.:170E Delco :PG100, PG150 Series PMGR Starters
FST-D05 (12V) 1115589 1985280 WAI NO.:66-104 ZM NO.:450 CARGO NO.:138591 SNLS NO.:D37A BOBCAT :Skid Steer Loaders; CASE :Tractor Farm 5288/7288; CATERPILLAR :Tractor Farm D3B-SA; LISTER PETTERS :Tractors HL4/HL6 Series; PERKINS :Tractor 2-110/2-88; WAUKESHA :Waukesha.
FST-D06 (12V) 1115556 1115565 1115575 WAI NO.:66-106 ZM NO.:951 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-1870 CARGO NO.:131363 SNLS NO.:146 CATERPILLAR: 2N-1973,3T-5045,7L-6586; CUMMINS: 3603870RX,3604230RX FORD I.H.C. MACK VOLVO
FST-D07 (12V) 1114583 WAI NO.:66-133 ZM NO.:1-860 CARGO NO.:137370 SNLS NO.:172 CLARK:Lift Trucks; DAEWOO:Lift Trucks; DELCO REMY:PG260 F1/G/L/M Starter Motor Series; OMC:Marine;VOLVO:Penta Marine
FST-D08 (12V) 1.114514 1114515E+97 WAI NO.:66-100 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-49 CARGO NO.:131590 SNLS NO.:145 AMC,Buick,Cadillac,Chevrolet,Ford,GMC,Isuzu, Jeep,Oldsmobile,Pontiac
FST-D09 (12V) 1114256 1119798 D932 WAI NO.:66-101 ZM NO.:551 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-13 CARGO NO.:130499 SNLS NO.:143 CASE:Tractor; CHEVROLET:C60/C10/C14,Caravan, Opala,Veraneio; MASSEY FERGUSSON:TractorAMC BuickCadillacGMCJeep OldsmobilePontiac
FST-D10 (12V) 1115593 E6HZ-11390-B WAI NO.:66-113 ZM NO.:456 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-192 CARGO NO.:131369 SNLS NO.:D42 CUMMINS:42MT Starter Motor Series; HYSTER:H-150/H-200/M-500/P125A/P-150A; INTERNATIONAL:Caminhão; MASSEY FERGUSSON: Colheitadeira;
FST-D12 (12V) 10475646 10475654 WAI NO.:66-132 ZM NO.:860 CARGO NO.:138217 SNLS NO.:172B DELCO REMY:PG260 D/F1/ F2/G/L/MStarter Motor Series; OLDSMOBILE:Alero,98,Aurora, Bravada,Cutlass, Delta, LSS, Silhouette;GMC: G series,Jimmy,Sonoma.
FST-D13 (24V) 1115622 1115627 D916A D921A WAI NO.:66-144 ZM NO.:2-460 CARGO NO.:231919 CATERPILLAR:Engines, Excavator 320/322L/325L/325LN/EL240B, Tool Carrier IT12B;DELCO REMY:37MT Starter Motor Series.
FST-D14 (12V) 1115623 D917A WAI NO.:66-148 ZM NO.:2-452 CARGO NO.:231913 CASE:Cotton Pickers;DELCO REMY:37MT Starter Motor Series;FORD:Tractor;MASSEY FERGUSSON:Combines; NEW HOLLAND:Combines,Tractor.
FST-D15(24V) 1115595 1115601 1115608 WAI NO.:66-114 ZM NO.:461 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-193 CARGO NO.:131349 SNLS NO.:D43 CASE:180; CATERPILLAR:1670/1673/3406/824C; CLARK:110/ 110lll/ 210l/ 210lll/280/ 280lll; CUMMINS:Ingersoll Rand DD 6-110,Série 14.0L,Série 6C 8.3 litros,Série L10, Série L14,Série V 9.1 litros; DELCO REMY:42MT Starter Motor Series;TEREX:33-05 , 72-21, 72-21AA, 72-31, 72-31AA, 72-31B, 72-31F, 72-31M,S-23E, TS-18, TS-24, TS-24A, TS-32,TS-14, TS-14B
FST-D16(12V) 1115591 WAI NO.:66-116 ZM NO.:451 CARGO NO.:131356 SNLS NO.:D37 BUICK:Heavy-Duty Trucks C70; CUMMINS:Equipamentos; DELCO REMY:37MT Starter Motor Series; FORD:Heavy-Duty Trucks 600/700/800 series,Medium Trucks 600/700/800 series; CHEVROLET:Heavy-Duty Trucks/B6/C60/C6D/C7D, Medium Trucks/B6/C60/C6D/C70/C7D;,P series, Vans;WAUKESHA
FST-D17 (24V) 1115557 1115559 WAI NO.:66-107 ZM NO.:950 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-1871 CARGO NO.:131364 SNLS NO.:147 DELCO REMY: 50MT Starter Motor Series; CATERPILLAR: 1p9181 ; CUMMINS FORD JOHN DEERE: AR102766 MACK
FST-D18 (12V) 1115561 WAI NO.:66-112 CARGO NO.:233343 DELCO REMY:40MT Starter Motor Series; CASE: 20-132T1; CATERPILLAR:3T50 68; JOHN DEERE: AR 102755
FST-D19 (24V) 1.115517 1115558E+41 WAI NO.:66-124 CARGO NO.:133060 DELCO REMY:40MT ,50MTStarter Motor Series;
FST-D20 (12V) 1115556 1115565 1115575 WAI NO.:66-126 ZM NO.:951 DELCO REMY:40MT, 50MT Starter Motor Series; CATERPILLAR CUMMINS FORD I.H.C. MACK VOLVO
FST-D21 (24V) 1115625 D919A WAI NO.:66-141 ZM NO.:2-461 CARGO NO.:231920 CASE:180; CATERPILLAR:1670/1673/3406/824C; CLARK:110/ 110lll/ 210l/ 210lll/280/ 280lll; DELCO REMY:42MT Starter Motor Series; FIATALLIS:FW 160, 170, 200; TEREX:72-31, 72-31AA, 72-31B, 72-31F, 72-31M
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