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T&X Ford Starter Motor Solenoid

T&X ford starter motor solenoid have been designed to give you quality and reliable performance, thanks to the solid copper contact bolts and high temperate solenoid cap.

These features allow the Ford starter solenoid to gain optimum electrical contact while minimizing surface resistance and offer excellent dimensional stability are resistance to bending and cracking respectively.

The coils on the Ford starter solenoids from T&X are 100%machine wound thus ensuring strong magnetic plunger and efficient electrical operation.

Why Choose T&X Ford Starter Solenoid

Every Ford starter solenoid has Cadmium-plated movable contact that prevents contacts from sticking thus maintaining efficiency and high levels of performance.

At T&X we are ready to advice and supply your ford series starter solenoid. Contact us today for 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Additionally, the Bosch starter solenoid replacement is now easier. When you purchase from T&X, you get all the necessary hardware making the installation process quick and easy.

Visit T&X today for quality, durable and reliable Bosch starter solenoid.

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T&X Starter Solenoid Switch & Relay

Focus on Solenoid Switch Supplying & Manufacturing for 12 years, T&X deliver the performance you and your customers’ expectations, each and every time.
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