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T&X Delco Starter Motor Solenoid

Are you looking for a company that will supply you with Delco starter solenoid for your car or car parts business? T&X offer you the Delco starter solenoid.

T&X starter solenoids are designed to minimize the possibility of internal electrical shorting by the use of high-temperature coil insulation.

Why Choose T&X Delco Starter Solenoid

Our Delco series Starter solenoid is also tested on endurance before being released to the market. This gives you the confidence with the performance of the Delco starter solenoid.

If you have a diesel application, you no longer have to worry about contacts sticking as this has been rectified by having the contacts movable and cadmium plated.

From the above features, it is clear that T&X will give you the best of the Delco Remy starter solenoid for efficient, quality and long service.

Delco Starter Solenid Cross Reference

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T&X Starter Solenoid Switch & Relay

Focus on Solenoid Switch Supplying & Manufacturing for 12 years, T&X deliver the performance you and your customers’ expectations, each and every time.
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