24V Anlasser-Magnetventil

T&X 24V Starter Motor Solenoid

Having manufactured a wide range of starter solenoids, T&X is determined to meet the demands of all types and applications of starter solenoids.

All T&X 24 volt starter solenoid is manufactured to meet your needs and perform in accordance with your expectations.

Our 24V starter solenoids undergo individual parts computer testing to ensure that all the parts are in perfect condition before being assembled and released to the market. The electrical operations are tested for vitality and endurance, and to also ensure that the possibility of electrical shorting is highly minimized for safety.

Why Choose T&X 24V Starter Solenoid

Every T&X 24 volts starter solenoids have solid copper bolts to provide you with optimum electrical contact while minimizing surface resistance. You are therefore assured of safety as you use the starter solenoid.

At T&X we are ready to advise and supply your 24 volts starter solenoid. Contact us today for 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction.

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T&X Starter Solenoid Switch & Relay

Focus on Solenoid Switch Supplying & Manufacturing for 12 years, T&X deliver the performance you and your customers’ expectations, each and every time.
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