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Starter Solenoid: The Definitive Guide

Recently I asked our engineers a few questions about the starter solenoid:

“Do you know how to replace a starter solenoid?”
“Do you know how to repair a broken starter solenoid?”
“Well, I know how to assemble a starter solenoid.”
“Do you know how to start your car with a broken starter solenoid?”
“I guess you’d better call for help?”
“Do you know……”


Starter Solenoid Switch Structure Improvement

Starter Solenoid plays two roles in the starter, one is connecting to the main circuit to make the starter rotation; the other is pushing the pinion gear to mesh with engine flywheel ring gear by shifting fork. Starter Solenoid technical requirements: large suction, large stroke, reliable break-make of contacts, large electric current, small size and …

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3 Typical Car Starting System Diagram

The typical starting system wiring diagrams can divide into non-relay control type, single starter relay control type, and security starter relay control type. The specific circuit needs to be respectively learned referring to different typical control circuits. The main function of car starting circuit is using the small current from the car battery to control the …

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