Bosch Starter Solenoid

T&X Bosch Starter Motor Solenoid

T&X now avails the Bosch Starter solenoid. Regardless of your application, T&X ensures that you can easily access the Bosch starter solenoid that boasts of high manufacturing standards to give you quality service.

Our solenoids are made with solid copper contact bolts that ensure optimum electrical contact while at the same time minimizing the possibility of surface resistance hence giving serving you for long.

Why Choose T&X Bosch Starter Solenoid

T&X Bosch series starter solenoid is also designed with a solenoid cap that is high-temperate. As a result, the Bosch starter solenoid possesses outstanding dimensional stability and high resistance to bending and cracking.

Additionally, the Bosch starter solenoid replacement is now easier. When you purchase from T&X, you get all the necessary hardware making the installation process quick and easy.

Visit T&X today for quality, durable and reliable Bosch starter solenoid.

Bosch Starter Solenid Cross Reference

T&X No. Bosch No. Cross Reference No. Vehicle Application
FST-B01 (12V) 0.331.302.011 0.331.302.047 0.331.302.052 0.331.302.075 WAI NO:66-9157 ZM NO.:724 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-1751 CARGO NO.:130471 SNLS NO.:256 VW:SKODA:100/110; VW:1500,1600, KAEFER BMW
FST-B03 (12V) 0.331.303.008 0.331.303.033 0.331.303.074 9.330.081.046 1241.1.273.228 WAI NO.:66-9146 ZM NO.:574 CARGO NO.:131791 SNLS NO.:202 SAAB:90,900,9000;ALFA ROMEO:2300TI FIAT:147,Elba,Tempra,Uno GM-CHEVROLET:Chevette, Chevy BMW Volvo
FST-B04 (12V) 0.331.402.004 0.331.402.016 6.004.4F4.004 6.004.4F4.005 6.004.AF4.005 0.331.401.040 0.331.402.001 0.331.402.019 0.331.402.030 0.331.402.035 0.331.402.039 0.331.402.087 0.331.402.205 0.331.402.501 0.331.402.504 0.331.402.519 0.331.402.535 0.331.402.539 WAI NO:66-9100 ZM NO.:538 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-1758 CARGO NO.:130301 SNLS NO.:277 CASE:988 Audi Mercedes Volvo (Diesel) Caterpillar DAF Deutz International Iveco John Deere
FST-B05 (12V) 0.331.303.005 0.331.303.016 0.331.303.028 0.331.303.031 WAI NO.:66-9128 ZM NO.:578 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-1761 CARGO NO.:130475 SNLS NO.:204 Ford:Scorpio,Sierra, Mercury Toro
FST-B06 (12V) 0.331.303.146 2.339.303.245 ZM NO.:2-475 CARGO NO.:136615 ALPINA:Roadster BMW:5 Series, 7 Series
FST-B08 (24V) 0.331.450.001 0.331.450.004 0.331.450.005 2.339.450.012 2.339.450.014 19024324 3099721 WAI NO.:66-9118 ZM NO.:902 CARGO NO.:130304 SNLS NO.:272 Clark DAF:A 85.330 Fiat KHD Volvo White-GMC Truck
FST-B09 (12V) 0.331.303.070 2.339.303.345 2.339.303.378 ZM NO.:2-573 CARGO NO.:132827 VOLKSWAGEN:Transporter;Caravelle, Multivan
FST-B10 (12V) 0.331.302.060 WAI NO.:66-9162 CARGO NO.:233896 Bosch:311, 314, 315 Series DD Starters Deutz KHD Volvo
FST-B13 (12V) 0.331.303.003 0.331.303.007 0.331.303.010 0.331.303.015 0.331.303.040 0.331.303.503 9.330.081.039 9.330.081.055 WAI NO:66-9129 ZM NO.:571 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-1762 CARGO NO.:130476 SNLS NO.:240 AGRALE:S¨¦rie M,TX1100,Trator 4100 FORD:Versailles,Corcel, Del Rey,Galaxy, Royale,Pampa VOLKSWAGEN: Fusca,Bras¨ªlia, Passat,Quantum YANMAR: Microtrator
FST-B14 (12V) 0.331.400.023 0.331.401.001 0.331.401.003 0.331.401.004 0.331.401.012 0.331.401.029 0.331.401.046 0.331.401.051 0.331.401.501 0.331.401.503 0.331.401.504 0.331.402.073 0.331.402.074 WAI NO:66-9102 ZM NO.:542 CARGO NO.:130297 SNLS NO.:283 Bosch 356, 359 Series DD Starters DEUTZ:Tractor D 8005 ( KHD)
FST-B15 (12V) 0.331.303.012 0 001 523 610 WAI NO:66-9117 ZM NO.:772 CARGO NO.:133644 Bosch 314 Series DD Starters MERCEDES-BENZ:G-CLASS, KOMBI, S-CLASS, Saloon (W123)
FST-B17 (12V) 0.331.402.013 0.331.402.513 131 8327 000 152 32 10 WAI NO:66-9123 ZM NO.:644 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-1757 CARGO NO.:131043 SNLS NO.:276 Bosch 359, 367 Series DD Starters CLAAS:Consul,Dominator 85,Mercator 50 FAUN KHD MERCEDES-BENZ International
FST-B19 (12V) 0.331.303.020 0.331.303.520 WAI NO:66-9132 ZM NO.:577 NEW-EYA NO.:SS-1766 CARGO NO.:137826 SNLS NO.:239A CHRYSLER:Daytona, Laser,Le Baron,New Yorker CHRYSLER-DODGE: 600, Caravan, Aries CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH: Acclaim,Caravelle, Horizon,
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