Boat Marine Starter Solenoid


&X is your trusted supplier for boat marine starter solenoids. With high standards of manufacturing, our marine starter solenoids are efficient and high performing even under the harsh conditions that they are exposed to when the applications are in the water.

At T&X we understand the unique needs of the marine starter motor. Therefore, one of the features in our boat and marine starter solenoids is the corrosion resistance feature. Regardless of how long you spend in the water, you can be sure that the solenoids will never be affected. You are therefore assured of durability.

Our starter solenoids electrical parts are also well fitted to avoid any electrical shorting that may affect its performance.

The marine starters solenoids from T&X are also made to withstand any kind of vibration and are easy to fix thanks to the availability of all the required hardware and a clear instructional manual that are availed upon purchasing.

For the best in boat marine starter solenoids, get in touch with us for an experience like no other.

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