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Our mission as a global solenoid manufacturer is to provide complete technological solutions that solve customer needs. We work closely with our clients to deliver precision products and rapid turnaround for the design, assembly, and manufacture of solenoids.

Years Of Experience!

Providing the most advanced solenoid products for years

18+ Years Providing Solenoid Solutions

T&X has manufactured solenoids since 1980, building extensive experience in the field. We have built a solid reputation supplying customers worldwide with high-quality solenoids and excellent service to become one of the top solenoid manufacturers in china and worldwide.

Outstanding Solenoid Quality

Fast Turnaround Time

Outstanding quality, a strong service focus and quick delivery are integral parts of the success of our company. Our catalog includes solenoids and solenoid valves for automotive, agricultural, aviation and industrial applications.

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Your Most Dependable Solenoid Manufacturer

T&X manufactures solenoids for a broad array of markets and applications ranging from automotive, agricultural, aviation, marine, and manufacturing industries. We have built up our business by being reliable and trustworthy, working hard to be responsive across all our operations.

Innovative manufacturing capabilities

100% Product Testing and Quality Guarantee

Wide Range of Solenoids

Our reputation as one of the most trusted solenoid manufacturers is built on one customer at a time. We take the time to understand each of our customers’ needs individually and build relationships that are long term.
Taking care of all your solenoid and solenoid valve needs

We are an industrial and automotive solenoid manufacturer that provides all types of solenoids and solenoid valves.

If you have any questions or need help, feel free to contact with our team

High quality solenoids to meet your most challenging applications

Custom Solenoid Manufacturer

We work with businesses to provide custom solenoid solutions. We can accommodate any type of requirement or specification you need, and we will go the extra mile to make sure you get exactly what you need. We are able to provide all custom solenoids with quality, on-time delivery and competitive pricing.

T&X® Starter Solenoid Switch

When looking to buy a starter solenoid, you want a product that will assure you of efficiency and reliability, even under rough conditions…

T&X® Starter Relay

At the time of leaving the factory, every starter relay from T&X has undergone a series of tests for conductivity and overall performance to ensure it conforms to set standards…

Starter Solenoid Manufacturer

T&X starter solenoids can fit in a wide range of starter motors, cover 10+ automotive mfg brand includes Bosch, Denso, Delco, Ford, Valeo, Lucas, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Nikko…

Starter Solenoid Application

From Motor vehicles to heavy-duty trucks to Motorcycle to marine boat and excavator applications, every T&X solenoids is 200% tested before release to market…

We Work With Global Industries!

One Stop Solenoid and Solenoid Valve Manufacturer

T&X offers a wide range of solenoid manufacturing options from product design and prototype, to small and large volume runs. We'll design, develop and manufacture custom solenoids for you. Or, if you're looking for an off-the-shelf solenoid valve, we carry a wide range of standard products. Either way, we are committed to providing the best solenoid solution for your application.

Material Sourcing and Testing

Step 1

Product Design and Prototyping

Step 2

Components Manufacture and Assembly

Step 3

Product Testing and Package

Step 4

Leading Way In Solenoid Technology

Yet those embrace change are thriving, building bigger, better, faster & stronger products than ever before!
Tiger Zhu - Founder

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Complete control over products allows us to ensure our customers receive the best quality prices and service. We take great pride in everything that we do in T&X Solenoid.
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Leading Way In Solenoid Technology

Tiger Zhu - Founder

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